Alyssa Lucchetta  |  ALY LOU Founder

When I started, I was doodling cute characters on scrap paper at my kitchen table. When I bought my first iPad, my love and fascination for digital art really began. Drawing and designing has always been an important part of my life, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to entrepreneurship during my undergrad that I saw the possibility of pursuing my love for art as a full time career. The summer after graduating, I got to work creating a business fuelled by my passion for design. Eventually, I set up a small studio in my family room and worked up the courage to post some greeting card designs I created on Etsy and Amazon. Untrained in both design and business, the first few years took a lot of hard work and dedication but I finally managed to master my craft. Getting to share my funny ideas and cute illustrations with others encouraged me to grow my business from greeting cards to a whole lineup of paper products. Above all, knowing that I’m helping people share love and laughter with their family and friends makes this work so rewarding and worthwhile. Today, I design from my studio in Ontario Canada, alongside a team of supportive designers. Beyond the laughs and smiles, helping others celebrate important milestones and everyday joys through my work continues to be the reason I love what I do.